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New Equipment Update: Wolff’s Body Shop

We are happy to announce our latest business investment aimed at providing the latest ADAS coverage and alignment capabilities all in one unit!

Instead of having to rely on a dealer associated with the vehicle manufacturer to calibrate sensors and cameras, we can now provide those services at our shop, which saves us (and you) time. We no longer have to rely on an external source to verify that your vehicles sensors and cameras are functioning as designed after repairs have been made.

This is a major advancement in our ability to keep up with the latest technological trends in the automotive industry.

Whenever your vehicle is involved in an accident, your vehicle manufacturer requires that any sensor, camera, or diagnostic unit affected must be recalibrated whether that object has been removed for access or replaced due to damage. This procedure must be done to ensure all your systems are working properly.

Those systems include blind spot, forward collision warning, rear object detection, automatic cruise control, night vision, automatic headlamps, etc… These systems are complex and are designed to work together to provide safety and convenience for the driver and passengers.

As always, we appreciate your trust in us at Wolff’s Body Shop in Croghan New York to bring your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.